Episode 150: Johannes (Immortal:Unchained)

Hello everyone! This episode is quite a bit different from the usual. Recently, I was introduced to a game called Immortal:Unchained. I believe I've mentioned it on one or two episodes of this podcast, and if you've been following me, or Twin Humanitities, or SenPlus on Twitter, then you probably saw us talking about it. I was struck at how many Demon's Souls/Dark Souls vibes the game was giving me, so I wrote to the developer and asked if any of their staff had played the games, and if so, would they be willing to come onto the show and talk about their experiences. I was very surprised and delighted when they got me in touch with Johannes, the Lead Level Designer for Toadman. We sat down and talked all about Immortal, and just a little bit about Dark Souls and how it relates to the game. Forgive me for geeking out a bit, I was pretty excited! I hope you enjoy this as something a bit different from the normal Don't Give Up, Skeleton episodes. Thanks for listening everyone!

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