DGUS Remastered - Sean aka The Lore Hunter

Hello skellies! If you haven't been following me on Twitter or on the recently closed Patreon, I have some news. My original plan after putting DGUS on hiatus was to begin recording and releasing "remastered" episodes, in which I'd re-interview some of the original guests of the show and see how things have changed. I recorded one of these, which you are hopefully listening to right now, and since then have decided to shut down the Patreon. I don't have any direct plans to record more of these, but if I do they'll be publicly available on this feed.

All of that aside, the guest is my friend Sean, who releases content under the moniker The Lore Hunter. Sean is a lore junkie, as you might imagine, and in the three years since we recorded the first time his life has gone through many changes. He has more kids, he bought a house...the usual stuff. Also: his Souls content began to get way more popular than usual. Popularity is a good thing right? Not always. As Sean tells us in this episode, sometimes it can lead to all sorts of unusual places.

Enjoy the episode friends!

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